Industry 4.0 Drives Agility and Productivity in Manufacturing

Facing social distancing mandates and vulnerabilities exposed by unpredictable demand, manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges. Each of these issues require an asset management strategy that keeps your employees safe, your equipment reliable, and your costs low.

According to research from The MPI Group, this delicate balance is best achieved with Industry 4.0 – driving flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability across three core areas of asset management:

  • Workplace capabilities: More than 40% of businesses use analytics and support remote monitoring to boost agility and responsiveness.
  • Operations performance: Nearly 50% of companies deliver high-quality products and enable on-time delivery, while ensuring machine reliability and plant safety.
  • Productivity and profitability: Most maintenance leaders report increased profitability (93%) and productivity (90%) and believe this trend will continue over the next five years.

Read The MPI Group report, “The Power of Industry 4.0 in Asset Management,” to optimize the edge Industry 4.0 brings to asset management  – so you can navigate today’s challenges and plan for tomorrow’s recovery.


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