IDC - The Workstation Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing and Engineering

As with PCs, different workstation types are suited to different environments and needs.

Key takeaways from this IDC Infobrief include: 

  • Digital transformation means many key parts of the business now depend on specific - and often very demanding - applications.
  • The outcome of these applications can determine the health of the company. Running them on commodity PCs is a risky strategy. Workstations designed to tackle the most challenging workloads can help ensure a positive outcome.
  • Applications can have very specific demands on hardware and the underlying platform - compatibility is critical. Certification helps guarantee a reliable solution.
  • Choosing and paying for the right workstation means understanding the specific roles and workloads and buying a machine certified to handle the load. Trying to save a small amount on upfront hardware costs can end up costing a lot more than you may realise.

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