Hyper-personalisation: A Game Changer for Financial Services in India

Customer expectations have changed dramatically since the advent of digital giants like Amazon and Google. These innovators bring an innate understanding of customer journeys to provide tailored recommendations and exceptional user experiences. In many ways, they’ve spearheaded a revolution in customer experiences through personalisation. And now, they’re bringing those strengths to the financial services sector.

That increases the pressure on traditional banks and financial services companies to rethink their customer experiences. As they go head-to-head with Big Tech, their success to a large extent will be determined by how well they understand each customer’s unique needs and are able to deliver personalised solutions, services, and content.

This e-book delves into how to foster the kind of hyper-personalised experiences that strengthen customer trust and loyalty. It also examines how tailored services can transform customer relationships, and drive up revenue.


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