Human centricity is key for physical retail in the new COVID-19 world

It will come as no surprise that the last days and weeks have fundamentally changed life as we know it. There may be huge changes coming, but by looking through the lens of customers and building approaches based on what they need, retail will survive.

COVID-19 is the first event to have a major impact on the in-person business. It is something that's not been dealt with in a century, and back then retail wasn't what it is today.

Customer and employee safety have become paramount in every decision and action taken, resulting in a very disrupted supply chain and an uncertain future. Retail is grappling with mandatory shutdowns, social distancing challenges and with the risk of bankruptcy, whilst lawmakers urge consumers not to congregate anywhere, never mind a shopping centre or retail brick-and-mortar store.

As people slowly emerge into this new world, how do we as retailers build the reality of COVID-19 into our daily lives?


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