How to Scale Your Infrastructure Using Terraform

Terraform is one of the leading tools organizations use to manage their infrastructure as code. Terraform’s easy-to-read declarative approach helps teams get up and running quickly. However, as organizations grow and their infrastructure becomes more complex so does the Terraform code. And, like application code, there comes a time when Terraform code may need to be broken up into more manageable chunks.

Hosting the webinar will be Scott McAllister, Developer Advocate at PagerDuty – one of the maintainers of the PagerDuty Terraform Provider – who will talk about the state of the provider and what it can do. He’ll be joined by Robert Stettner, Global Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Funding Circle, who will talk about his journey of how his teams best organized their code and offer insight about how you should manage yours.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to get started with Terraform and what it can do
  • How to efficiently scale your PagerDuty configuration through Terraform
  • How Rob uses PagerDuty and Terraform integration at Funding Circle, and how he used it at DAZN
  • How to evolve your configuration as your infrastructure grows


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