How to Develop Affiliate Expertise in 12 months or less

In-house your affiliate program to achieve long-term success as a scalable channel in the marketing mix

For many marketers, the thought of managing an affiliate program in-house is highly appealing, as it allows brands to retain control of all the day-to-day aspects of program management. From strategy to execution to outcomes, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Although appealing in theory, the thought of hiring an experienced in-house affiliate expert coupled with the internal stakeholders‘ own limited knowledge of the channel, may make outsourcing affiliate program management seem like the only viable option. 

There is another way. This resource is for marketers who want to:

  • Roadmap the journey to insourcing their affiliate program 
  • Acquire the platform training and channel education required to execute an effective affiliate program
  • In-house their practice on a defined timeline, tailored to the business needs and current position
  • Be supported during the migration to an in-house practice 

Download the In-Housing Your Affiliate Program infographic today and learn how Partnerize's affiliate in-housing service is designed to meet the needs of growth marketers. 


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