How to Build a Zero Trust Ecosystem

Implementing a Zero Trust model has become a leading security strategy as traditional security perimeters have become ineffective due to remote work, digital transformation, cloud technologies, Internet of Things, and connected operational technology.

CISOs need to adapt their security strategy to deal with the current state of perimeter-less computing, but many find it overwhelming at the outset. Fortunately, organizations are paving the way to make it easier for others to follow suit.

This white paper introduces the concept of a Zero Trust ecosystem and illustrates how we at LogRhythm embarked on our own Zero Trust journey. Read more to discover:

  • What is a Zero Trust model?
  • How to chart a Zero Trust strategy
  • LogRhythm’s Zero Trust ecosystem and roadmap
  • How LogRhythm’s solutions support ZT components

Having been through it ourselves, we know how challenging and yet rewarding the journey to a Zero Trust model can be. We hope this provides valuable insight on how to go about developing your strategy from an organization who started from scratch!


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