How to Build a Digital Workplace That Actually Works

Organizations now need to build digital workplaces overnight. Remote working makes the in-office challenges of sharing knowledge, interacting, and collaborating even harder.

To do their jobs remotely, employees need access to information spread across multiple systems. They need a unified view of the information most relevant to their role. For example, a customer service agent needs to see products, transactions, and interactions by customer.

Intelligent Search is a cornerstone

Join this webinar to learn how Intelligent Search is a crucial building block in the digital workplace, connecting employees to the information they need to be empowered and successful in their roles.

We’ll include a real-life use case of how the 10th largest bank in the world uses Intelligent Search to build a unified view that improves customer service, employee engagement, and reduces costs.

You Will Learn:

  • What Intelligent Search is and the value it can provide your organization
  • How Intelligent Search can save valuable time
  • How Intelligent Search empowers the digital workplace

Sinequa and CMSWire

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