How people and technology will pioneer new ways of working

And nowhere is our future more in flux than the future of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to revolutionize their ways of working almost overnight and brought the future of work to the present. Remote work has become the “new normal,” and companies are making it part of their long-term strategies to ensure business continuity. Work will never be the same again. Yet it remains central to what it means to be human. Work gives us meaning and for centuries labor, driven by both humans and technology, has enabled remarkable advances in human life expectancy, prosperity and achievement.

This exercise raised the fundamental questions that must be faced by every business and government organization in their long-term strategic planning. How will workers be organized to deliver value? How will people partner with technology and will we see the emergence of human-machine teaming? What new opportunities will workers be afforded and what novel pitfalls will they face? How might governments and supranational entities respond with regulation to support workers and ensure competition in the new world of work?


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