How Knock-Off Supplies Could Permanently Damage Your Printers And Leave Customers In A Lurch

Imitations. Compatibles. Knock-offs. Anyone looking to save money when purchasing printing supplies can easily find bargains such as these when they start shopping. The big question: will those bargains ending up costing them more— sometimes much more—in the long run?

At HP, we want everyone who uses our printers to use Original HP supplies because evidence shows that knock off cartridges (also known as imitations) can lead to performance issues and could ultimately damage printers.

For our partners, being knowledgeable about the potential effects of knock-offs is vital. The risk of selling and recommending these cartridges can have unintended consequences beyond just damaging your customers’ printers. It could lead to serious reputational damage for you and your business.

With more knock-offs available than ever before, the risks have never been greater. Here’s what our partners should know about how printing supplies bargain hunting could turn south.


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