How fast-growing digital natives can innovate and scale

All enterprise companies aren’t created equal, and those that have already moved to adopt digital technology face a unique set of opportunities and challenges compared to companies that are still in the process of modernizing.

These companies often were born digital and have grown quickly thanks to their technological savvy. They tend to be more comfortable with viewing their support software as a platform that can be extended using APIs, apps, and integrations.

Their main objective: Provide support at scale while delivering the high-quality experience customers expect. This means managing extremely high ticket volumes, as their large customer bases have an increasing number of inquiries while demanding an always-on, seamless approach to customer support.

We designed this guide to help support teams that have already mastered the digital landscape—we’ll call them Digital Natives—understand the best next steps based on their unique profiles and to help them benchmark against their peers.

With data from the Zendesk Benchmark, our crowdsourced index of customer service interactions from more than 45,000 companies using Zendesk across the globe, we identified what separates leaders from the rest to pinpoint best practices for large companies looking to optimize and scale their fully-integrated digital approach to customer experience.


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