How F&B manufacturers can successfully move products from farm to table

The farm to table movement isn’t just a passing trend.

Today’s food and beverage customers have demonstrated an ongoing desire for transparency about where their food originated, and the confidence of knowing it’s been produced and delivered using ethical, sustainable methods. But F&B manufacturers shouldn’t interpret this new demand as a challenge—instead, it’s an opportunity.

Read this ebook to learn about the many advantages that supply chain visibility can bring, with insights into:

  • How meeting the demands of today’s socially aware consumers can help differentiate your business
  • The mechanisms and processes that enable farm-to-table manufacturing
  • How modern technology tools like cloud platforms can help facilitate these processes

We hope the resource provides a helpful entry point into the potential of modern technology, and invite you to reach out if you’d like to learn more about how Infor can help make it a reality for your business.


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