Hindsight Is 2020 — The Pandemic Provides A Wake- Up Call

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching and ongoing. Nearly a year ago this month, companies across the globe had to quickly pivot and provide entire workforces with the necessary support to begin working from home successfully. And as is to be expected with such rapid transformation, enterprises subsequently experienced significant challenges with increased security risks, subpar digital experiences for their employees, and complexity created by siloed and disparate toolsets. Now with remote work becoming the new long-term reality, enterprises must move with intention toward a more holistic remote work strategy that equally balances management, security, and productivity.

An integrated workforce solution is needed to enable enterprises to embrace a distributed work strategy. This must be done through a secure, scalable, and unified digital infrastructure. Implementing a solution that improves security across users, devices, networks, clouds, and apps, simplifies device and network management, and better supports remote workers to overcome challenges that are impacting employee experiences.


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