Guess? Case Study

From GUESS?’s vantage point, data analytics is imperative for continued retail success. However, the Los Angeles, California-based company was hampered by its Oracle enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Daily batch loads took up to five hours, ETL development was time-consuming, and complex queries did not always finish. In addition, database maintenance affected availability, data growth was capped at 3 TBs, and the platform’s total cost of ownership (TCO) was excessive. The company coveted an innovative solution built purposely for querying and analytics.

GUESS? replaced the EDW with an on-premise Vertica Analytics solution integrated with user-friendly mobile applications and data warehouses leading to multiple results such as:

  • Delivers 60-400 times better querying performance with daily batch loads taking 60-90 minutes versus up to 5 hours
  • Accommodates 36 TB of data (compared to 3 TBs before) with cost-effective expansion capabilities
  • Empowers reports, calculations, and analytics for 80% of the company’s workforce worldwide for better business decisions, operational efficiency
  • Accelerates application speed-to-market by 30-35%, enabling the rollout of eight mobile enterprise applications that improve decision-making, efficiency


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