Gartner Report: Building a Multiplatform Application Modernisation Business Case

"Application leaders often struggle to develop successful application modernisation business cases, especially across multiple platforms. Those who succeed take a business-focused approach, chunking the work to target the most critical business capabilities, and delivering in multiple waves."

Key Challenges

  • "Application leaders often find it challenging to create a modernisation business case that convinces management – especially business stakeholders – to invest, with case weakness often stemming from taking an IT-centric approach."
  • "With an increasing number of ever more interconnected platforms in use today, it is no longer effective to approach modernisation by focusing on one platform at a time."
  • "Organisations often try to modernise the entire portfolio in one program, but are unable to execute such large, high-risk programs due to their long duration and half-hearted support."
  • "Application groups allow modernised applications to languish without continual fit-for-purpose review, treating modernisation as a one-time event rather than an ongoing practice."

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Micro Focus

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