Four Keys to Navigating your Hardware Security Journey


The best devices in the world run Windows 10 Pro

True security, or being secure, means having a shield or security posture that follows you through your journey, from the moment you place an order to the end of the device’s life cycle. It protects you, your suppliers, your partners, and your users.

As security technologies have increased in sophistication for both threat actors and enterprises, cyber criminals have expanded their approach to focus on targets perceived to be less protected, many of which exist ‘below the operating system’ at the hardware level.

This research summarizes the highlights of a long-term research initiative begun in late 2019 and concluded in mid-2020. This initiative was designed to better understand the level and type of threats encountered by organizations today, and the measures, practices, and policies these organizations employ to address these threats throughout the entire security journey. 

Dell Technologies

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