Five ways Device as a Service will redefine how your CFO feels about a tech refresh

Today’s IT departments face a unique set of challenges. On one hand, they have evolved from helpdesk support teams to key business enablers and must maintain increasingly complex IT landscapes while combatting significantly larger cyber security threats. On the other hand, they have to manage constant change with fewer resources and static, or minimally-increasing, budgets. As a result, many are looking to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and productivity. Some, in fact, are looking to Device as a Service, or DaaS.

Now, perhaps you’ve already heard of DaaS, but your CFO may not be fully aware of the many benefits this solution can bring to your business via increased efficiency, productivity, cost predictability, and employee satisfaction. In fact, device procurement, deployment, and lifecycle management, needn’t create unnecessary challenges. With the right solution, your IT resources, can better focus on other projects and supporting users.

Driving efficiency is likely a top goal for CFOs, but if you’re looking for even more reasons to convince them that DaaS is a smart move, then this DaaS introduction, can help.

Now, let’s explore five big benefits of deploying a best-in-class DaaS solution.


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