Finding a Better Way to Make Smarter Decisions

Making it easier for data science teams to capitalize on prescriptive analytics

With the battle to gain a competitive advantage growing more heated than ever, organizations are increasingly turning to data science to help them gain a competitive edge. As a result, data science has become much more than a tool for exploring data or simply gaining insight for proof-of-concept projects. It has now become a strategic imperative, tasked with supporting a broad range of business requirements — along with virtually all aspects of analytics and application requirements.

At the same time, growing budget constraints continue to challenge business and IT leaders to do more with less, pressing data science teams to operationalize their projects and demonstrate tangible results. To do so, however, those teams need access to the kinds of tools and techniques that will allow them to help drive innovation by providing the entire organization with right insights at the right time — to help support the business in making the right decisions.


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