Fast track to the 5G Edge

5G Standalone (SA) introduces a new operational and service paradigm for service providers. It eliminates the hardware-centric, centralized architectures of the past and embraces a cloud-native, distributed infrastructure for building and operating networks.

The approach uses microservices, running in software containers on a service-based architecture (SBA), to deliver services all the way from the core to the edge and far edges of the network. Edge services, deployed in multiaccess edge computing (MEC) environments close to customers, ensure customers receive the best possible network performance and quality.

Service providers also have much to gain from this architectural shift. With a cloud-native architecture, you can achieve the type of digital transformation enterprise companies need to become more efficient and competitive. You can use the capability to quickly roll out and upgrade services to hundreds and thousands of edge locations. You can also operate your networks with the agility and scalability we normally associate with hyperscale companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Apple. Having a cloud-native SBA architecture all the way to the edge is an essential building block in a 5G network.


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