Experience Index | 2019 Digital Trends - Creativity in Focus

The 2019 Digital Trends: Creativity in Focus report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, explores the importance of designled customer experience (CX).

Technology presents a world of opportunity for companies to reach customers in ever more personalised and relevant ways, but success depends heavily on the strength of customer experience design.

The report compares how creatives view a range of technology-driven opportunities compared to their peers working in other business functions.

Creative professionals recognise the need to use technology to keep up with the increased demand for content, fuelled by the shift towards real-time personalisation. However, they may be less excited than their peers about the potential impact of AI to enhance CX. That said, it is clear from our interviews with leading brands that many creatives are pushing for change from within, keen to adapt to new customer behaviours.

The research is based on the responses of almost 3,629 creative and design professionals who took part in the annual Digital Trends survey carried out at the end of 2018.


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