Ethernet-based high-speed communication for Zonal Architectures and Telematics systems

The world of automotive is changing, and not just in the powertrain. With the vehicle's functionality increasingly being defined by its software, not just the mechanical hardware, new E/E architectures are required. A version of Ethernet, suited to the needs of automotive and operating at multi-gigabit data rates, is rapidly establishing itself, enabling these new architectures to be implemented. Constructed of powerful HPCs and zone ECUs, functionality will be distributed across them rather than having one function per ECU like the decentralized approach of the past. 

However, the SoCs available for these new types of ECU often lack the required connectivity, with a limit on the available Ethernet and PCIe interfaces. Toshiba's automotive interface bridge, the TC9563XBG, resolves this challenge thanks to its PCIe switch and two AVB/TSN Ethernet ports. Together with its compact PBGA automotive package and comprehensive software and development support, it is well suited to the needs of today's telematics, IVI, HPCs, and zone ECUs. Download whitepaper to learn more.


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