Enterprise Collaboration Benefits Misalignments and Risks

Enterprise collaboration and digital transformation initiatives, enabled by technology, bring tangible business benefits - but misalignments between users and IT staff need to be resolved, and risks to enterprise data need to be addressed.

Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation Initiatives: How Are You Rationalizing Technology, Business, and Risk?

The disruptive digital technologies that are creating new opportunities to change your business for the better are also creating new challenges that need to be addressed, as prerequisites for those benefits to be fully realized.

These initiatives are motivated by the desire to increase the number proportion of fully digital processes and transactions, which are both more cost-effective for your business and more convient for your users.


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At the same time, when digitally enabled collaboration, workflows, or transactions involve data which is valuable or regulated - these initiatives must also address the corresponding challenges of data privacy, data security, and regulatory compliance.



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