Enabling Immense Data Intake for Tomorrow’s Automated Vehicle

The amount of data needed to test and validate driver-assisted and automated driving functionality is continuously growing. One theoretical calculation places the amount of test miles needed for engineers to approve automated cars for market at 150 million miles on public roads.

With classical test driving, reaching this 150 million-mile mark would take more than 25 years. This is an unreasonable pace given the amount of data that timely advanced-driver assistance system (ADAS) innovation demands. Although conducting these test drives in a simulated cloud environment with 100 high-performance computers (HPCs) shortens this period to about five years, the same amount of test miles can now be accrued in just two weeks thanks to a cloud-based approach using 10,000 HPCs.

This case study shows how a global supplier of automotive software products increased upload speeds by 1000% through partnership with Equinix as its dedicated data handler and protector.


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