Empowering NGOs with Identity and Access Management

Non-governmental organizations (NGO) do society’s hardest work: they serve and advocate for vulnerable people and protect our most precious resources. In short, they put all their efforts into making the world a better place—and that’s why it’s critical that NGOs have access to the same cutting-edge technology as any other business.

All modern organizations require the capabilities to ensure that their people—employees, partners, contractors, and volunteers—have easy and secure access to the apps they depend on, within a well-defended IT environment. This is exactly what the Okta Identity Cloud provides.

Okta’s suite of solutions enables nonprofits to effectively implement identity and access management (IAM), helping admins keep track of all users, groups, and devices, grant access to the right parties at the right time, and provision individuals to the proper accounts. These solutions can scale to the needs of any organization, automating tedious but high-value tasks so that IT can focus on what matters most.


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