Empower your distributed workforce

With seventy-four percent of companies planning to shift to permanent remote work models post- pandemic, collaboration tools help teams thrive are essential.

This evolving hybrid work model brings a new focus to existing collaboration challenges.

Beyond simple online meetings and cloud storage, the best collaboration tools allow everyone to work individually- but contribute together.

Offering feedback and sharing ideas instantly, jointly working on projects and documents without sending files back and forth, worrying about missed revisions, or creating information silos.

Google Workspace:

  • is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • provides one version of a file centrally located
  • allows everyone to work together in real-time
  • offers a cloud-native environment where storage is never a problem
  • includes autosave to protect lost work, with previous edits or versions available if needed.

Datacom makes it easy to move to Google Workspace. Find out more about how Google Workspace can help your workforce thrive.

Datacom and Google Workspace

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