Embracing the new world of work: How digitisation will help businesses thrive in the hybrid working world

Professional services have historically been heavily office-based organisations that thrive on collaboration, connections, and travel between major urban and suburban hubs. This means that the working model, operations, finances, and basic functioning of professional services firms were deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the changes in how people work that it brought about.

During and after lockdowns, we also saw people gradually returning to offices, finding new working patterns and reframing their working lives in the wake of such dramatic upheaval to the traditional working culture. For businesses, this means the pressure is on to find solutions that will bring their people back to work, transform processes, and modernise the workplace – wherever it happens to be. Naturally, travel forms a huge part of this. As with everything in the working world, the way people get to offices, meetings, and sites is evolving. Smart, forward-thinking businesses are already looking at app-based solutions that create positive change with technology. It’s now up to others to follow their lead.

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