Embracing disruption to drive transformational success in healthcare

In this new digital era of healthcare, organizations must re-center their operational focus around improving experiences and long term outcomes for patients, their clinicians and staff across the entire
continuum of care. Data must be accessible, sharable, and highly secure to better inform decisions and affect the quality of care.

But there are several major challenges slowing progress. Siloed systems and processes are the norm in many organizations, creating widespread inefficiencies. Physicians are frustrated about spending more time on documentation and bureaucratic tasks than with patients. Further, disjointed systems and processes increase risks, leaving the door open for undetected vulnerabilities that can lead to data breaches.

Healthcare organizations need a radical change to IT infrastructure to bring greater interconnectivity and a more patient centric approach. Enter ServiceNow. We help healthcare providers accelerate change, providing a clear roadmap to seize the value of their digital transformations.


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