Elkay's Smartwell® Quenches Tech Company's Thirst for Eco Friendly and Delicious Hydration

When it came to supplying staff and visitors with delicious and refreshing beverage choices, one company, renowned for its cutting-edge products and employee perks, found itself in an unusual situation: while an innovator in the tech space, it had the same drink offerings for the office as every other company.

This did not fit with the vendor's reputation of creating new products, new services and new opportunities that change lives and the world. As a company that revolutionized the work environment with impressive benefits, the organization wanted to continue improving the employee experience.

Enter Smartwell® Beverage Dispensers, the next generation upgrade that provides on-demand still and sparkling water in an array of flavors and enhancements. The tech company adopted Smartwell® as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. The goal? To reduce its use of bottled water and deliver customizable water solutions for employees, clients, and more, all while saving precious office space, time and money.

Elkay's Smartwell

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