Driving Supply Chain Excellence in Times of Disruption - Novartis

The recent pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges within the supply chain industry. Many businesses are working to efficiently and quickly drive cost reduction within their supply chains with data and analytics.

Supply chain optimization and management can bring huge bottom-line savings and efficiency to your organization, yet many still waste hours on outdated solutions. Streamlining your supply chain means managing multiple factors all at once and in real time, including optimizing inventory, and streamlining transportation.

Join this webinar and hear from Novartis on how they are coping with supply chain challenges and how they have continued their operations while ensuring the safety of their workers. Find out how Novartis continues to maintain a reliable supply chain to meet their customers’ needs and their take on social responsibility during these difficult times.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Reduce the risks of supply chain shortage
  • Influence the success of the supply chain through geo/location analyses, and
  • Create a parameterizable analytical application without the need to code.
  • See how to improve your decision-making speed by altering your ability to prepare, blend, and analyse data, without writing any code or relying on IT.


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