Driving Collaboration throughout the Enterprise - Huddle Rooms Make All the Difference

There is a growing need for collaboration to be more fluid as the boundaries between work and life become less distinct. How and where people meet is changing rapidly. Meetings are more frequent, less structured and less formal. Meetings also involve a wider range of geographically dispersed participants, inside and outside the organization. They are increasingly smaller in size as users realize that small group sessions are where productive work gets done.

To accommodate the changing needs of today’s agile workers, businesses are putting a heavy emphasis on designing collaboration spaces and meeting rooms that foster innovation. As a result, rich audio, video and content are moving beyond large conference rooms and individual desktops to so-called huddle rooms. Huddle rooms (also called huddle spaces) are among the best enablers of critical thinking and teamwork. 

This paper discusses the state of the workplace today, outlines the need for advanced video and content collaboration, suggests best practices for effectively creating and supporting huddle spaces, and offers criteria for selecting a vendor partner.


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