Digital Supply Chain Strategy: Run a Resilient, Sustainable Supply Chain

Thank you for downloading the IDC paper “Resilient Supply Chain Planning for a Disruptive World.” We thought that this additional paper from SAP about Digital Supply Chain strategy would also be of interest to you.

Modern supply chains face unprecedented challenges and are drawing an increased level of scrutiny. This increased focus however, has also meant that Supply chains are now increasingly being viewed as a key differentiator for organizations.

To achieve a resilient, sustainable supply chain, SAP believes that your organization needs to:

  • Become more agile to sense, predict, and respond to disruptions
  • Increase productivity through the adoption of Industry 4.0 as a company-wide business strategy
  • Improve connectivity with business partners to enable next-level collaboration
  • Run sustainable business practices

Learn how our integrated digital supply chain solutions enable you to plan, design, manufacture, deliver and operate products and help your supply chain become more agile, productive, connected and sustainable.


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