Differentiating for Success - A Guide for Cloud Service Providers

Stand out from the crowd and grow your business by finding a unique niche and putting innovative Intel® technology to work for your customers

In nature, there are many examples of how differentiation—being unique—helps a species thrive in a very crowded world. For example, the koala survives exclusively on a diet of eucalyptus leaves . The colorful tropical Orchid Mantis hunts for its victims only on orchid flowers. Dominating their niche is the way these species prosper—and cloud service providers can achieve a similar result, boosting returns by finding and filling a niche market.

There are many ways to do this, as the examples provided in this whitepaper illustrate. However, one common factor can be found across all examples: it is crucial to choose the right technology to support whatever niche strategy a cloud service provider (CSP) follows. Read on to explore how differentiation, supported by innovation, can increase your chance of success in the increasingly congested CSP marketplace.


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