DCIG: Make the Best Cloud Storage Choice for Your Backup Data

To minimize these cloud complexities and costs, there are three best practices organizations can follow when storing their backup data in the cloud.

  1. Identify how your backup solution manages and uses cloud storage. This will include quantifying which clouds it formally supports and which types and tiers of storage it uses in each cloud.
  2. Determine which cloud region or regions where backup data will be stored. Compliance and recovery requirements will influence the choice of cloud regions.
  3. Identify who manages tiering in the cloud. Tiering can lower cloud costs but only if done correctly. Incorrectly tiering data can lead to unexpected costs and delays during recoveries.

Cloud storage provides organizations with a simple and effective means to store their backup data off premises. However, as they do so, they should strive to keep their cloud storage management practices as simple as possible. To achieve these ends, use backup solutions that interface with and manage multiple cloud storage offerings, such as Quest QoreStor.


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