Data lake analytics and governance solutions for financial services data

Extracting value from your data while ensuring customer privacy

The financial services industry faces a variety of challenges with sensitive data. Increasingly, large amounts of data come from multiple sources and take a variety of formats. For financial institutions, your data contains everything from customer financial records and transactional data to customer service engagements such as chatlog transcriptions or social media engagements. Your data can be a gold mine—if you can find, validate, and use it.

Yet embedded in those records are myriad types of personally identifiable information (PII), be it customer account numbers, contact addresses, and more. It’s imperative to correctly use and store that data—which is where data governance becomes critical.

In this eBook, learn how financial institutions can address many of these challenges using solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners for data lakes, analytics, and governance. You’ll learn how you can best uncover, leverage, and protect your data with solutions from AWS.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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