Data Drives Maintenance for SNCF RÉSEAU

The French National Railway Corporation — the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français, or SNCF RÉSEAU — is a state-owned company that operates France’s world class railway system. SNCF Réseau oversees the management and maintenance of 30,000 kilometers of railway line with 15,000 trains running daily. With ridership increasing 50% in the last 10 years, SNCF Réseau faces daunting logistical challenges that have made it critical to optimize maintenance of railway lines and equipment.

In 2014, SNCF began a partnership with OSIsoft. At the 2017 OSIsoft Users Conference in London, SNCF Réseau Chief Data Officer, Stéphane de Paris, spoke about the role of the PI System™ in giving workers more digital tools in the field, enabling machine learning, and ultimately, allowing operators and maintenance personnel to catch equipment failure before it occurs.


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