CX Reality Check

Many companies think the transition between their automated systems and human agents is seamless. Yet, nearly 9 out of 10 customers disagree. This is just one of many data points that paint a disturbing picture.

The quality customer service that companies believe they’re delivering isn’t what customers are getting. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 companies lose customers due to poor customer support.

The CX Reality Check dives into a 2020 Dimensional Research study that concludes our customers aren’t as happy as we think, especially when it comes to automated customer service. It also examines why companies must adapt quickly to meet rising consumer expectations, otherwise those customers will move on. 

In this report you will learn why:

  • Your customers aren’t as happy as you think
  • Customer behaviors are changing rapidly
  • New technologies provide hope for better experiences
  • Recommendations for changing the conversation

247ai and CMSwire

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