Customer Journey Optimization - Maintaining a cross-journey conversation with your customers

With customer-centricity a key priority for marketers from all industries, organizations need to change the way that they communicate with consumers – to move from campaigns to customer journeys and then towards Customer Journey Optimization.

However, when half of marketers surveyed in 2016 consider that their understanding of the customer journey to be at the ‘beginner’ level, or even ‘nonexistent’, change may not be easy. Today’s consumers engage with brands across many touchpoints and many channels. Yet, while each and any of these touchpoints may provide a positive customer experience in isolation, that is not to say it enables a satisfying transition to their next point of engagement.

Customer journey optimization is not just about stepping in at the right time to assuage negative customer experiences, or delivering contextually relevant content. It’s about maintaining a ‘global conversation’ across the journey ecosystem, ensuring that customers do not ‘fall through the gaps’ as they continue their voyage.

In this eBook, we address the move away from campaigns to journeys, look deeper at the customer journey itself, how to understand and measure the impact on customers, and look at optimizing how brands talk with customers across their journeys.


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