Customer Analytics - The 20 attributes that lead to business sucess

The Customer Analytics report, published by Adobe in partnership with London Research, explores the capabilities required for success in a world where customer centricity is increasingly paramount. This report aims to help enterprise companies evaluate their customer analytics maturity so that they can strive for a more advanced approach or improve their capabilities even further.

Based on a global survey of more than 1,800 business professionals of whom more than 1,000 are based in Europe, the report focuses on 20 attributes that are important for customer analytics maturity, with statistical analysis to determine which are most correalated with success.

The Report looks in depth at how analytics technology enables customer intelligence capabilities, demonstrating a tangible benefit for organizations that pay for their analytics solutions. Customer analytics leaders are more than three times less likely than their peers to report use of only free software (6 percent vs. 22 percent).


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