Critical Success Factors to Achieve a Better Enterprise Data Strategy in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Data may be the fuel that powers the modern enterprise, but it is only as useful as the ability to explore, analyze, and transform a deep well of information into intelligence and action. The most exciting organizations today bring an insight-driven approach to everything they do—from evolving their business models to embedding analytics capabilities across the organization and incentivizing corporate culture to become more galvanized by data and the interpretation of the story it tells. 

This paper will examine several key interrelated themes that define the enterprise data landscape today, starting with how organizations must engage multiple analytic frameworks to gain intelligence and insights. This aspect of the task involves managing data wherever it is: on-premises, in the cloud, or in multiple cloud environments. Complicating this situation is the growing complexity of governance and security, as well as the importance of data mobility and accessibility. To achieve all this, of course, the organization needs a comprehensive data strategy that works in a multi-cloud environment.


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