Cost Governance for Nutanix Private Cloud

Organizations today are increasingly adopting a multicloud architecture that spans across private and public clouds. This provides the necessary agility and flexibility of choice needed for IT teams to quickly fulfil business needs.

However, with workloads spanning public and private clouds, there is a strong need for a cost governance solution that centralizes visibility across all clouds and implements cost governance policies to keep overall IT spending within budgets. A key cost governance challenge in private cloud is the lack of immediate visibility into granular resource costs as opposed to public clouds that provide a highly granular breakdown of cost of all cloud resources based on consumption.

In this solution brief we will show you how the Nutanix private cloud provides cost governance capabilities such as out-of-the-box visibility into private cloud resource costs, creating automated chargeback rules to allocate spending to the appropriate business unit and accurately comparing workload costs across public and private clouds for cost-aware workload migration.


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