Concerned About Deploying Large Microsoft® SQL Server® Databases on VMware vSphere®?

Dell Technologies can help organizations with large SQL Server database upgrades.

IT teams might wonder what the best path forward is for upgrading their large SQL Server databases. An ideal solution would be to make use of virtualization technologies to run large SQL Server databases while making the most of hardware investments. To determine the impact of running large SQL Server databases in a virtualized environment, Prowess engineers used HammerDB to test how large databases perform on both older and newer versions of SQL Server, VMware vSphere®, and off-the-shelf Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ servers. The goal of the test was to demonstrate the performance differences between older and newer hardware/software combinations, in addition to providing a benchmark that IT professionals can use to measure their own systems. This paper also examines how Dell Technologies can help organizations move their legacy SQL Server deployments to newer platforms.

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Dell Technologies

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