Commerce, Reinvented - Driving demand, loyalty, and long-term growth through the intelligent, connected enterprise

Today, digital-native companies are the prime disruptors across virtually every industry. Customers love convenience, competitive prices, and ubiquity. And beyond logistical advantages, the tailored  experience customers have with digital-first businesses like these are perhaps their biggest selling point. The other side of the coin is that these same consumers are increasingly wary of companies misusing the data that makes these experiences possible, and government regulators have taken notice. This is why businesses need to efectively measure a customer’s experience across every touchpoint.

With the right suite of connected solutions, companies can:

• Identify and engage consumers across devices and channels to turn anonymous visitors into known, loyal customers
• Gain a deep understanding of customers’ inmoment needs and wants by combining experiential, operational, profle, and preference data into consent-based customer profles that are shared across every line of business and IT
• Deliver great experiences, products, and services driven by insights from advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning to extend intelligence across the value chain – from demand, to supply, to service


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