Collaboration with the X Factor

This white paper identifies and describes a portfolio of tools and technologies collectively forming a new approach to work and productivity, called cognitive collaboration. It also seeks to illustrate how Cisco is tailoring leading-edge, but often misunderstood, approaches such as AI and ML in specific, practical ways that make work life more engaging, productive, and profitable.

Cognitive collaboration for Cisco Webex brings powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning to your collaboration experience to help to foster relationships, enhance customer interactions, and build high-performance teams across boundaries. While cognitive collaboration presents many tangible benefits for Webex users today, Cisco is continuing to evolve these use cases with cross-platform capabilities, so whether you’re collaborating on Webex Teams™, in a huddle space with a Webex device, or on your laptop in Webex Meetings, you’ll have the power of AI driving your collaboration experience.


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