Cloud Platform: The Next Generation Approach For Contact Centers

We are living in the era of constant digital bombardment coming from all sorts of applications and websites. consumers seek out more personalized, real and authentic conversations. Whether it is through the front office or the storefront, the website or the customer service line, over text, email or social media, companies need to know how their customers engage to provide a consistent experience. This engagement consists of all the touchpoints that organizations define with their customers, from marketing and sales to service and support.

Contact centers are now becoming the customer communications hub, no matter if the interaction starts with a phone conversation, a message or at the store curbside pickup.

Discover why Twilio Flex is the platform organizations with contact centers need that is:

  • Programmable to define their own rules
  • Iterable to change services as their business needs evolve
  • Agile to deliver at their own pace


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