Close the Gaps in Your Defenses With Automated Detection, Investigation and Response

There are thousands of single-purpose security tools on the market. Some search for threats in on-prem environments only. Others only monitor the cloud. Others are focused solely on email security. The list goes on and on.

But even if your company could afford to invest in every single-purpose tool on the market, there would probably still be holes in your defenses. Products from disparate vendors are often unable to communicate with one another, making it difficult to correlate their findings. The alerts from these tools would come without context, turning them into background noise. The disconnect would erode the value of your investment and create vulnerabilities in your security posture.

This e-book explores the anatomy of a truly integrated defense, including automated detection, investigation and response. The goal is for you to start thinking about where the gaps might be in your own environment, so you can build a strategy to lock them down for good.

Splunk | Discovered Intelligence

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