CIO guide to application modernization

Although CIOs have successfully migrated some applications to the cloud, according to a McKinsey study, around 80% report they have not achieved the agility or business outcomes they sought from application modernization. This has been a key driver of organizations adopting digital transformation initiatives. One of the critical first steps in that journey is application modernization which allows you to accelerate time to market, unlock value from existing applications, and improve operational efficiency.

In this guide, we focus on how enterprises can approach application modernization. Every transformation will have its own nuances and unique considerations. Each enterprise will have its own journey. It’s about understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the options at your disposal and realizing that you are embarking on a journey.

In this whitepaper we focus on approaches and strategies for

  • Where to begin
  • Focusing on business value
  • Designing, building and using your platform
  • Adopting a product-oriented delivery approach

Through this approach, we hope to guide enterprises in their digital transformation journey to maximize business value.

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