CIO Guide to Application Modernization

A modern approach to maximising value and minimising risk

Many CIOs across Public Sector are starting to successfully move applications to the cloud, especially as we shift to increasingly digital public services. 

However, a recent McKinsey study shows that around 80% of CIOs report they have not achieved the agility or business outcomes they sought from application modernization. 

To be able to maximise value, a critical first step is application modernisation - to accelerate readiness, unlock value from existing applications, and improve operational efficiency.

In this guide, we focus on the best approaches and strategies to leverage application modernisation: 

  • Where to begin
  • Focusing on business value
  • Designing, building and using your platform
  • Adopting a product-oriented delivery approach

Through this approach, we hope to guide public sector organisations in their digital transformation journey.


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