Chatbots and Customer Experience: 2021 and Beyond

Every brand today is running a race against their competition to close the enormous CX expectation gap that exists in 2021.

With expectations for speed serving as the primary bottleneck for brands, meeting modern consumer expectations requires the adoption of technologies and solutions that are dedicated to generating excellent customer experiences at scale. Chatbots are at the forefront of these technologies, and while they may seem like nice-to-haves in the present moment, they will soon be seen as essential as more and more businesses that fail to meet customer expectations fail to turn a profit. Chatbots can help businesses improve CX.

This report depicts how brands can enhance their CX in 2021 and beyond.... at scale.

Key Insights From the Report:

  • Over a five-year span, brands that were leaders in customer experience grew revenues 14% more than brands that held below average CX scores.
  • In the US, even when people love a brand/product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences.
  • After adopting a chatbot, 88% of brands saw a reduction in call volume and 75% saw an improvement in cost savings.


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