Casio Creates New Ways to License and Monetize its Software using Thales Sentinel

Casio, the iconic electronics company that for years manufactured calculators and other business equipment solutions, recently began digitalizing its business. As technology progresses and market needs change, expansion opportunities are increasing. Thales proved to be the perfect partner for Casio's digital-based growth, which relied on robust software licensing. 

One of Casio's central revenue streams comes from its classic calculators. But as laptops and tablets enter classrooms worldwide, students and educators require calculator software instead of physical calculators. For Casio, this market shift represented a massive opportunity for growth and the chance to transform from a hardware-only business, to a multi-layered software-enhanced business. 

This guide explores how Thales' advanced technology empowered Casio to address new market needs, put customers in control, streamline the fulfillment process, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs. 


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