Business Agility in the Next Normal: Why Process Automation and Multichannel Delivery Are Crucial for SMBs

According to IDC's COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey, the percentage of the workforce working from home has risen from 14% of all employees prior to COVID-19 to 45% today, an increase of 211%. To further validate this point, IDC's June 2020 Generational Print Survey shows that 63% of global respondents indicated that some portion of their work occurs at home, while 41% indicated that a work location change of "working from home exclusively" occurred in 2020.

Digitally distraught SMBs are prioritizing digital transformation(DX), yet their tactical efforts are not leading to optimal results. These organizations tend to focus DX efforts in operating areas that are most in need of updating or in technology that can make an immediate difference in supporting current processes. In sharp contrast to their counterparts, digitally determined SMBs approach DX differently by focusing on technology that can be transformative in changing processes for the better. In this IDC Technology Spotlight, learn how these digitally-determined SMBs are navigating the next normal.

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